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We're making live chat awesome for creators.

Building a data-driven dashboard to help you make the best of chat. Live analysis makes streaming more comfy, and after action reports help you plan your next best stream.

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Try out the toy version

Simply enter a twitch channel after authenticating in the top-right (should show green if successful!)

Enter the name of the Twitch channel. YouTube (and maybe TikTok) support in the works.

What's Frogchamp?

Let's face it- for streamers large and small, it's hard to keep track of your chat while you're focusing on your game or content.

We're inventing a new way to interact with your stream, by building an web-based dashboard that works on any device you have! We'll work on creating a live experience first, and then move on to creating premium components and stream recording so you can easily see what works and what doesn't.

How Frogchamp works for you

For now, Frogchamp is powered entirely by your browser! Once you create an account, you'll be able to use our dashboard to see your chat in real time.

For the beta, you'll also need to authenticate with Twitch- you'll know you need to authenticate as the Twitch icon will be grayed out.

In the future, we'll be moving things server-side in order to make everything even more seamless. Followfor updates!


What's the difference between Frogchamp and other chat tools?

Frogchamp is designed to be a live dashboard for your stream, so you can see what's happening in your chat in real time. We're also working on a recording feature so you can see what happened in your chat after the fact.